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Employment Opportunities for Some, Depending on Physical Skill Set

August 16, 2009

If you logged onto on Sunday morning, you would have noted that the lead article dealt with how the recession has caused promising careers to crumble for those in their 20s.  It is somewhat ironic that further down the home page, you would have seen further coverage on how a 29 year old with no college degree who has been unemployed for the last two years has just gotten a $1.6 million a year job in South Philadelphia.

Of course, that’s not the full story with Michael Vick.  He brings certain skills that the other 14 percent of twenty somethings in the Philadelphia area who are unemployed do not have.  Then again, he also significant baggage.  A common mantra repeated by those in favor of the Vick signing has been that “everyone deserves a second chance.”  Technically, of course, this would be more of a fifth or sixth chance, but that’s neither here nor there.  Also, while Vick isn’t in either category, does “everyone” include serial murders or repeat child molesters?  Some would say that the acts to which Vick admitted to (including hanging and drowning dogs) are just as bad.

Typically, those coming off of felony convictions have a significant problem finding jobs.  Usually, you would have to go through a supervised release program, but most large employers would stay away from you.  It’s certainly disheartening for those who are looking for gainful employment and without criminal records to see Vick get such a lucrative deal in this day and age.

More to the point, if you are the Philadelphia Eagles management, do you really want to be the team to give Vick that next opportunity to have the privilege of playing in the NFL?  Because of Vick’s talents, someone is going to do it, but would you want your organization to be the one to take the heat for doing so (particularly when earlier in the year, your owner claimed that the team only had high character players)?

The flip side is the positives that may occur with Vick signing with the Eagles.  For instance, if he is able to donate a significant amount of time and money to humane and animal rights organizations, then perhaps some positives can come of it.  Maybe so, but it’s doubtful that a “positive” contribution to the community was the primary consideration in this signing.

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  1. August 25, 2009 4:45 am

    Vick will make $1.6 million for the first year of the deal. The Eagles have an option on the second year for $5.2 million. He will be the second QB option if Donovan McNabb goes down with an injury. He has paid his dues as he was sentenced to 23 months in federal prison. He also was suspended indefinitely by the NFL until recently.

    McNabb will remain the key to the Philly Eagles team this year with his seasoned experience after leading the Eagles to five NFC championship games and one Super Bowl appearance in the last eight years. He recently got a 2 year $24.5 million deal, far greater than Vicks salary.

    Yes, you correctly point out that Vick can use his celebrity status to help humane and animal rights organizations. He will also be an asset to the Eagles and I hear a lot of fans are already buying tickets because of him.

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