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Giving the Necessary Effort, Regardless of the Size of Your Case

August 8, 2009

For about a week and a half, I spent a significant time preparing for this case that was going forward this past Friday.  It has been in litigation for two and a half years, there have been about ten depositions, eight expert reports, and possibly up to ten witnesses to be called up or cross examined.  The big hitch: the case did not have a “big” dollar value and was proceeding in a local county arbitration.

Regardless of the size of the case, though, I’ve learned that you have to put forth the necessary effort as you would in a bigger case.  Granted, you don’t necessarily go over the top with your financial expenditures (probably a good idea to skip the computerized simulation), and you certain look for the opportunities to resolve it in less costly options such as ADR.  You still should do the necessary preparation and know your case inside and out.  Additionally, what may not be a big case to you may indeed be considered that to other people (the client).  Whatever the outcome, the client acknowledged our efforts and thought we did a good job. 

So, even if you seem to be working on mundane matters or “small” cases, remember that the client probably still cares quite a bit.  Give the effort you would in bigger matters and what the client would expect.

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  1. August 19, 2009 6:19 pm

    Its always a good idea to get good results on all cases you handle. big and small. Clients appreciate the effort. It also makes you feel good as well getting the best results for the client.

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