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New Years Resolution – Find some time to get disconnected

January 5, 2012

We live in a connected world. The internet, cell phones, the digital age can be a wonderful thing. As a guy with an engineering background, its been especially fun for me to watch. From virtually any location in the world with wi-fi or cellular, we can reach any other corner of the world with a simple click. I can exchange news stories, pictures, movies and music with my friends and family.

The practice of law has been profoundly effected by the internet age as well. Documents and letters from clients that used to take days to deliver can now be sent-recalled-and sent again in mere seconds.

When I finished undergrad and started work, a couple of people at my company knew my number and could email me. But for the most part, when I went home, I was on my own time. When I finished law school, I knew that would not necessarily be the case.

Like many people I’m sure, I have a smartphone, I have a laptop, etc. etc. I sleep with my phone next to my bed, sometimes I’m  woken up by the buzzing or beeping sound of the smartphone .  My phone is my alarm clock, so it’s the first thing I see when I wake up. I can’t help but notice the icon at the top that lets me know I have emails waiting.  Heck, sometimes when I’m waiting in line I’ll even check facebook or play angry birds or something.

I think this year I’d like to spend downtime NOT looking at an electronic device. And it looks like the tourist industry is seeing this as a trend too. Check out the recent times article below “The Joy of Quiet”

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  1. January 30, 2012 2:52 am

    I have to post a comment on this (albeit one that comes late.. because I was, for the first time in years, virtually disconnected from civilization). For the past week or so I was in a remote part of Costa Rica. So remote that there were are only dirt roads there (which required a 4×4 to navigate). There was no internet. No phone service, etc.

    I’d planned to stay connected during the trip so I could continue servicing clients. But I couldn’t. It wasn’t an option. And I have to say, I feel healthier as a result.

    As lawyers we tend to be workaholics. And it can be embarrassingly difficult to relax. Finally isolated from civilization and work, I began to truly appreciate the larger world around me. The waves lapping onto the shore, the rhythm of the tides and sun, the plethora of plants and creatures. It was just beautiful. And I would have miss it all had I had a simple internet connection.

  2. jlharrisesq permalink
    January 30, 2012 3:02 am

    Good point, Douglas. It’s getting harder and harder to find places like where you were, places that force you to disconnect. Which makes it all the more important to force ourselves to disconnect periodically. I have phased out all electronic stimulation from my commute to and from work (except for occasional music via headphones). I’ve found that little bit makes a big difference.

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