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Taking Advantage of Mentorship

September 30, 2010

The old general rule was that in tough economic times, people enrolled in graduate school, such as law or business schools. The thinking was that after two or three years out of the job market, you’d pick up an advanced degree and re-enter the market in improved times.

Of course, these days, it’s a little different. People are VERY uncertain about when the job market will improve. The cost of law school ($40,000+ at many private school) is quite prohibitive for the gamble that there may not be jobs when you graduate. So, for those who are in law schools, as well as for recent graduates, you need to find every possible edge and take advantage of every opportunity you can find.

One important manner is taking part in an available mentorship program. Having a mentor is absolutely crucial. There are countless ways that mentors – those who’ve gone through the law school and job search process – can assist those in law school and recent graduates. While they can’t necessarily get law students guaranteed jobs, mentors can certainly provide tips to help navigate the job market. Mentors provide a connection to the legal community. Simply put, they can help show law students and recent graduates “how to play the game.”

The Young Lawyers Division kicked off its current program earlier this spring, and many area law schools have mentoring programs with their alumni. If you’re a law student or recent graduate looking for a job, put aside your concerns about school-load and time applying for jobs and take part in available programs. You would be foolish not to do so.

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