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Survey Says: It’s Just a Matter of Time

September 7, 2010

If you’re a lawyer looking for a job, especially if you’re not currently working, the current market can be frustrating.  With three years of law school behind you and possibly tens of thousands of dollars in student loans accumulated, those feelings of frustrations may be met with “Why the heck did I even go to law school?”  But hang in there, job seeker, things will start looking up for the legal profession.

According to the US government, job creation won’t be on the rise anytime soon.  But months (or even years, gulp!) from now, when more jobs begin to emerge, professionals in high-paying jobs such as lawyers will be one group to especially benefit (the other group is those with lower-skill and lower-paying jobs).

That’s great for the long term, but what about now?  According to a professional employment report recently released by Robert Half, a small increase in the full-time staff employed by executives can be expected in the fourth quarter of this year.  Of particular interest to attorneys, the legal field is expected to have the strongest hiring numbers of any professional – a net 23% of those who responded stated that they plan to increase staff levels (note though that it was 31% in the third quarter).  With the rise of bankruptcies and foreclosures, and litigation, employment for lawyers in these fields is also expected to rise.  According to a Robert Half International senior district president, “We don’t see any signs indicating a slowdown in these areas for the foreseeable future, as case backlogs, the housing market and overall unemployment rates continue to be concerns.  Labor and employment and intellectual property are also seeing growth.  Firms specializing in these growing practice areas are seeking staff ranging from associate attorneys and contract administrators to paralegals and legal secretaries to manage larger case loads and client requirements.”

So stay hopeful, my friends!

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