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Lawyers Could Learn from High School Mock Trial Competitors

May 9, 2010

This past week, Philadelphia hosted the 27th annual National High School Mock Trial Competition.  Forty five schools who won their state competition (and in some cases, such as South Korea and Northern Mariana Islands, their country competition) participated in the two day competition.

In participating as a courtroom liaison Saturday, I observed very talented teams putting forth their cases like seasoned lawyers.  No reading from notes or scripts.  Showing proper deference to the judge.  Arguing objections and then moving onwards when rulings don’t go their way.  Arguably, some did better than many attorneys I’ve seen in arbitrations and in court.

If these talented competitors choose to become future lawyers, they have gotten invaluable experience in these competitions.  Imagine being able to develop litigation skills from age 16 or 17 rather than when you were 25?

This year’s competition was won by Minnesota’s Breck High School.  A shout out also goes to the coaches and team members of Pennsylvania’s Scranton Prep, which finished 10th in the nation.

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