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Remembering to Give Thanks

November 26, 2009

Sure, it’s been a rough year for a lot of us.  That doesn’t mean we can’t stop, reflect and give thanks.  Let us thank the following:

  • Our office support staff – Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do our last minute filings, get binders done in time for closings, navigate through the nuances of e-filing, etc.  Never take them for granted.
  • Those who do pro bono work  There’s more people in need of legal services than ever before, and many can’t afford it.  Folks who volunteer their time in the midst of busy schedules should also be applauded.
  • Great Philly food scene – We are blessed in Philly to have such great restaurants.  We’ve got fantastic Stephen Starr restaurants, Next Iron Chef winner Jose Garces’ Latin and Spanish spots, and many other favorites.  You try traveling to a lot of other big cities not named New York, Chicago, New Orleans and Los Angeles and you’ll see how fortunate we are.
  • Sports – Even in the toughest of times, sports teams that excel provide lifts.  Be it the Phillies, Villanova basketball or even Temple football, sports can get everyone feeling better while, temporarily, forgetting their troubles.  Well, except if your favorite team is the Sixers.

And, of course, we should be also thankful for our health and families.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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