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Keys to Vacationing

June 18, 2009

This weekend, I go on a mini-vacation for a couple of days to the Hamptons in Long Island (to do the standard stuff – partying with Diddy, staying over at Seinfeld’s house while he’s in Philly, maybe golfing with Chevy Chase, etc.).  It’s always nice to get away and take a break from the daily grind of the workplace. 

These days, though, a lot of young lawyers almost feel like they shouldn’t go on vacation.  With layoffs and now paycuts pervading the legal market, it certainly doesn’t seem to be the ideal time to be seen taking time off.  Certainly, it’s otherwise perfect weather for a summer vacation, given the mid 60s temperature and perpetually cloudy or rainy skies. . .

It still is essential for everyone to take a few days off here and now.  An upcoming vacation can give you something to look forward to after a busy period of work.  I also find that when you come back from vacation, you feel somewhat recharged and energized more so than before.  The big concern about missing work can be alleviated by bringing your laptop and Blackberry and careful coordination with both your secretary and a fellow attorney who can “cover” for you and handle pressing matters.  And instead of taking a full week off, you can minimize you loss of “face time” in the office by reducing your vacation a couple of days (or perhaps leaving on a Friday afternoon and coming back by a mid-week day). 

So, when the sun finally emerges from the clouds and temperatures warm up to what June/July weather is supposed to be like, go ahead and take that much-needed vacation.  Just make sure you get a lot of your work done beforehand.

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