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Running to Support Child Advocates

May 12, 2009


For over thirty years, the Support Center for Child Advocates, located at 19th and Cherry Street, has been providing advocacy for abused and neglected children in Philadelphia.  It is the country’s oldest and largest pro bono legal and social services agency for children. 

With the thousands of documented cases of child abuse and neglect each year, Child Advocates has the formidable task of coordinating the advocacy of these children in child welfare and custody court proceedings.  It provides the special training session of volunteer lawyers from the area.  Child Advocates then teams the lawyers with child advocate social workers and its own staff attorney consultants for each case.  These cases can involve finding safe and permanent places for the children to live, securing educational support to help them stay in school, obtaining medical, behavioral health, and social services to help them recover and helping them testify in court against their abusers.

Such dedicated effort is costly.  Child Advocates spends approximately $2,600 to serve a child each year.  Just like other public interest organizations,  Child Advocates has not been immune to the economy.  Its operational budget faces a huge deficit.  The organization raises the majority of its funding from private donations, which are down from prior  years.  Some child cases have had to be turned away due to fiscal considerations.     

It is up to lawyers to step up and help out Child Advocates and other public interest organizations.  A good way to do so is by participating in the Philadelphia Bar Association 30th Annual 5K Run/Walk this Sunday, May 17, 2009 at 8:30 a.m.  The event draws close to 1,000 participants.  Proceeds directly benefit the Support Center for Child Advocates. 

If you aren’t an athlete, then at least be an athletic supporter.  You can pledge money to those running or, of course, donate directly to the Support Center for Child Advocates.  Every little bit helps.

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  1. May 21, 2009 9:21 pm

    Качество друзей тоже надо учитывать. Дональд Трамп, например, на двадцатку потянет.

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