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More on the legal gender gap

October 2, 2008

The New York Times is giving attention to the issue (or struggle depending on how you look at it) in Marci Alboher’s article Law Firms Get Rated on Female Friendliness.

Alboher noted, “[i]n an era where law students freely ask firms questions about the number of women being promoted to partner, policies on flexible work schedules, diversity, and general quality of life, surveys like this hold a lot of power.”

However, she concluded with the following anecdote:

On a less hopeful note, Mr. Revsesz, the N.Y.U. Law School dean told a story about trying to persuade the chairman of a big law firm that as long as lawyers were available to work on client matters late into the evening, it shouldn’t matter whether they are still at their office desks or whether they are working from home after having dinner with their families. Apparently, Mr. Revsesz was unable to make any headway with the law firm partner, even with an example that involved working a 13-hour day.


But there are also skeptics of the survey.  Some think it is just a law firm PR ploy.  Find more on the fight over the survey here.

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  1. October 5, 2008 4:19 pm

    The survey, the “best law firms for women” on 50 law firms that meet certain criteria provides important information for working women who want to balance their careers with family life. It also provides information on the likelihood of an equity stake in the firm.

    My friends wife is a successful lawyer in a firm that allows her to work a few days a week out of her home. Yet she is still a viable candidate for a partnership should she choose to go that route.

    Hopefully more law firms will provide more flexibility and to give a bigger share of the partnership to women.


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