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From Labor Day to Labor in Law Firms

August 29, 2008

Labor Day Weekend, of course, marks the unofficial end of the summer.  For many, it’s the opportunity to catch the last weekend of the last week down the shore.  For our profession, it also means that the newest batch of young lawyers, the 2008 law school grads, are about to join their firms and start working. 

Like the typical law school graduate, I went straight from college to law school.  My job after law school was my first “real” and permanent job.  As many others will attest, the transition to the working world isn’t always that easy.  Sure, you may have worked before at your new job as a summer associate or part time law clerk, but let’s face it: that limited exposure is not really indicative of the working world.  I’ve known some folks who excelled in college and law school and then had problems adjusting to working in the legal world.  Some quit the profession, some were asked to leave and some had other fates. 

Working as a lawyer is not always fun and games, cocktail parties and dinner outings.  It’s hard work and can be a grind.  Thank goodness for some holidays to help keep us refreshed.  For those who are about to join us as new lawyers, welcome aboard.  Be prepared for the working world, and good luck in your new jobs. 

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  1. David permalink
    August 30, 2008 4:37 pm

    There are many 1st Year Associates who are “asked to leave” within a few months of starting because they treated their new law firm job as an extension of being a summer associate.

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