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Expanding the Olympics to Accommodate Lawyers

August 11, 2008

In case anyone hasn’t turned on a television in the last few days, the Olympics are currently underway in China.  Of course, if you have turned a television on, it would be nearly impossible to miss, with about six channels devoted to coverage and others showing highlights.

I’m a big fan of the games, but I am still amazed at some of the types of events in competition.  So far, there has been televised Table Tennis (ping pong), Dressage (essentially training your horse to walk properly) and Badminton (always a fun lawn game).  We haven’t even seen Trampoline yet.  I’m surprised that other favorites like Beer Pong, Horseshoes and Bocce Ball have not been added yet.  There are also fifteen different shooting events.  Fifteen!  And yet somehow, the International Olympic Committee determined that there’s no room for baseball or softball after this year. 

Given the multitude and variety of Olympic “sports,” many of us lawyers may yet be Olympic “athletes” if we can only convince the IOC to add certain events.  For instance, how about the following:

·        Team Motions – a team of two must race against a deadline to submit a motion and/or response.  The obstacles include clients not being available to approve the pleadings, experts not sending in their reports until the last minute and difficulty finding a courier service in the country where the motion response is being filed.

·        Arguments – a competitor argues a motion or brief in a moot court argument-style.  The spectators will really line up for this hot ticket.

·        Due Diligence – teams must work to complete a corporate transaction that limits the client’s assumption of liabilities and risks as much as possible without exceeding limitations on billable hours spent on the project.  

The possibilities for legal Olympic events are endless.  Hey, if folks go out and watch Dressage or Curling in the Winter Olympics, then there’s hope for these events as well.

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  1. banco75 permalink
    August 11, 2008 3:39 pm

    Funny! I’ve been training for an Olympic event (Motion Practice) for years, and didn’t even know it. Nice post.

  2. Equine Lawyer permalink
    August 19, 2008 9:00 pm

    Dressage is a real sport – trying to get a 1 ton behemoth with it’s own mind and agenda to do as it’s told while balancing on it’s back is not an easy feat to accomplish. Wait a minute…sounds a lot like Direct Examination!

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