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Enjoying Summer Weekends in the City

May 31, 2008

The warm and humid weather is finally arriving.  Soon, maybe in a week or two, we may actually be able to put away our jackets until late September.  

For the region, the standard respite from the hot weather during the summer is a trip down the shore (or to the New Jersey beaches, for those less familiar with the term).  I enjoy going to the shore as much as the next person and was down there for part of Memorial Day Weekend.  And a good number of my friends also regularly go down during summer weekends.  As Philadelphia Magazine described it, Avalon is essentially Center City transported.  

That said, Philadelphia, during summer weekends, is still great.  For one, there are still a lot of folks in town, so it’s not as if the city is empty.  You can actually get drinks during happy hour a lot quicker.  Restaurant seatings are easier to obtain.  People are out at bars at night, but you’re not getting bumped or jostled as much.  During the days, you can relax at the parks, such as Rittenhouse Square.  There’s also a bunch of summer concerts at Penn’s Landing, the Square and elsewhere.  

So, contrary, to popular belief, the city is not a ghost town during the summer.  The shore is a good time, but there’s more than enough to do in the city.  

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