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Young Lawyer Entrepreneurs

May 27, 2008

Although I enjoy being a lawyer, I sometimes dream about starting a business on the side just for fun.  Until that time, I am happy to support our fellow young lawyers who are entrepreneurs:   

Law School in a Box

John and Jacquelyn Cascarano, a local young lawyer husband-wife team, created a box that includes an assortment of items that are meant to substitute for the real-life experience of law school. There are a set of Heroes of the Courtroom Trading Cards, a mini bar exam and a diploma awarding owners a Juris Doctor degree “not only in English, but also in Latin, because it appears more impressive that way.”


Sazz Vintage

Amanda Saslow has been selling vintage clothing on her website for years and opened a store at 38 N. 3rd Street in Old City earlier this month.  I visited the store on Friday and was impressed with the volume of hand-picked items.  The shop carries mostly men’s clothing, but has a few racks of women’s (and is planning to expand their women’s items from what I hear) and boy’s clothing.  If you are looking for a western style shirt, it is definitely the place to visit!

If you know of any other young lawyer entrepreneurs in Philadelphia, please let us know! 


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