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After Further Review, the Play Stands

May 17, 2008

Earlier this week, National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell announced that after his meeting with Matt Walsh, there was no further evidence that would merit additional penalties or punishment against the New England Patriots.  “The discipline I [levied] then was appropriate,” the commissioner stated in reference to the monetary fines against the Patriots and their head coach as well as the removal of their first round pick.  So, theoretically, the “Spygate” saga was declared over. 

Senator Arlen Specter, however, believes that a further, thorough investigation should be done, if not by the NFL, then by Congress.  Based on the newly uncovered evidence and his own conversation with Mr. Walsh, Sen. Specter asserts that there is much more out there, particularly pertaining to games involving his home state Pittsburgh Steelers.

Theoretically, the New England Patriots may indeed have “cheated” much more than indicated by the evidence.  Back in the 1960s, Sen. Specter’s theory of a single bullet (the magic bullet) being responsible for injuries to both President Kennedy and Governor Connally was derided by conspiracy theorists.

Since then, however, further analysis has shown that the seat positioning in the Ford, as well as how the occupants were angled, could very well have permitted a single bullet to do what Sen. Specter said it did.

So, Sen. Specter may have been right about the Kennedy assasination.  The problem now is that there may be no evidence left and nowhere left to turn.  The New England Patriots have turned over their evidence, and the former cameraman, who was supposed to have the smoking gun, has turned over what he has.  Where else can Sen. Specter, the NFL or Congress really turn?  The Patriots have already gotten their just desserts, having lost this year’s Super Bowl and being hated and viewed by most of the country as cheaters.  It’s probably best to turn the page and move on to more pressing matters.   

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