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After the Last Classes of Law School

April 25, 2008

For most 3rd year law students in our area schools, this week marks a momentous occasion – the last days of class. A hearty congratulations to you all. You may never again have to sit in a classroom lecture hall and listen to someone drone on about the nuances of some obscure aspect of law (Note: CLEs also have the same characteristics, but most take place in nicer places, like hotel meeting rooms or conference centers).

The question you ask yourself, though, is now that you’ve gone through law school (and mind you, finals aren’t done yet), if you had to do it over, would you do it again? It’s not a simple question with an obvious answer.

I had lunch today with a third year law student who just finished classes and another seasoned attorney. Both the other attorney and I “warned” the third year student that it wasn’t too late for her to change her mind and do something else. I think and I were only half kidding.

When non-lawyers read some of these blogs, they can maybe see some of the issues, concerns and woes of the young lawyer. Sure, some of us make good money, live nice lifestyles and have great families and friends. But I do not know too many (if any) young lawyers who look forward to going to work every day or really enjoy their jobs. Many are okay with them, but a good number downright hate their jobs.

So, to those finishing law school – this is what you can look forward to (in addition to $90,000 in debt)! Seriously though, I personally would still go through law school. For me, the benefits outweigh the burden. Here’s hoping you find enjoyment in your careers (after you pass your exams and the bar).

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