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Types of Lawyers

April 21, 2008

Legal Blog Watch summed up 17 of Evan Schaeffer’s posts from The Legal Underground about the number of “types” of lawyers.  Here they are:

1. The Big Firm Summer Associate

2. The Partner Who Talks Too Fast

3. The Lawyer Who Advertises on TV

4. The Lawyer Who Carries Another Lawyer’s Briefcase

5. The Lawyer Who Brings Her Breast Pump to the Office

6. The Mafia Lawyer

7. The Modest Lawyer

8. The Partner Who Golfs

9. The Lawyer on the Run

10. The Lawyer Who’s in the Wrong Profession

11. The Lawyer from the Planet Og

12. The Lawyer Who’s Writing a Legal Thriller

13. The Stereotypical Lawyer

14. The Lawyer Who’s on The Apprentice

15. The Associate Who Knew Where the Bodies Were Burried

16. The Lawyer with the Shiny New Gadget

17. The Associate Who Finally Gets a Chance to Meet the Senior Partner

Which lawyer are you? 

One Comment leave one →
  1. John E. permalink
    April 23, 2008 3:43 am

    Definitely, the shiny new gadget guy

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