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Law School News Update

March 3, 2008

Belated congratulations from the YLD to Drexel University College of Law and its students on their provisional accreditation. 

Students at the American Justice School of Law in Paducah, Kentucky, were not so lucky.  The Courier-Journal reported that approximately 30 law students filed suit against the school in November, 2007, after administrators allegedly “withheld student loan money; applied for student loans in students’ names without their knowledge; lowered grades to punish students they perceived as disloyal and keep them from transferring; and delayed telling students last fall that the school had been denied American Bar Association accreditation until it was too late for them to leave.”  In February 2oo8, the school was sold and the suit settled.

In other law school law suit news, Seton Hall Law School sued the U.S. Department of Homeland Security “to release documents regarding its practice of executing pre-dawn, warrantless raids of immigrants’ homes throughout the state of New Jersey.”  The Department had rejected a request for “expedited processing” under the Freedom of Information Act.  According to the Department, “the raids are not an issue of particular public interest because ‘a preliminary search of the internet does not indicate that there is substantial current news interest concerning this topic.'”  According to Immigration and Customes Enforcement statistics, of the 2,079 arrests made in New Jersey in 2007, 87% of those arrested had no criminal record.

And finally, The National Law Journal reported that starting next fall, law students will have 45 days to accept a summer associate job offer or the offer will lapse under the guidelines established by NALP.  Almost all law schools accredited by the ABA and over 900 legal employers are NALP members.

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