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Litigation v. Family Life

February 25, 2008

The Legal Blog Watch addressed the issue of the struggle women attorneys face when also raising a family in Can Women Litigate and Procreate?  The answer seemed to be “no.” 

 LBW quoted Nicole Black of Women Lawyers – Back on Track: “I love trying cases–always have, always will. And yet. And yet. I have a family–a husband and young children whom I actually enjoy spending time with on a daily basis.”  As for litigation, Black wrote, ” I enjoy it and it’s in my blood, but I can live without it–for now.  So, research and writing it is…”  

LBW also quoted Dan Hull, What About Clients, who has the attitude that you either “serve clients with passion and energy…or get out of the game.” 

A commentor on LBW noted, “[i]mplicit in all the questions about work-life balance is the assumption that caring for children and maintaining family ties is women’s work. So nobody asks a male litigator how he ‘does it all’, or wonders if he is capable of doing the job and being a father at the same time.”

The answer can’t be “no” for everyone.  Has anyone worked out the work-life balance? 


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