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Unreasonable Expections…Again!

February 19, 2008

As an attorney who represents both plaintiffs and defendants, I cringe every time I read about someone suing for an unreasonable amount of money.

Recently, it was the multi-million dollar ($54 million) lawsuit against the Washington, D.C. dry cleaner over a lost pair of pants.  The plaintiff in that case was, unfortunately for the reputation of the legal profession, an administrative law judge.  He lost.

Now it’s a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Best Buy for a lost laptop.  According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff delivered her laptop to Best Buy for repair under the extended warranty and three months later, Best Buy admitted that it could not find the laptop.  The plaintiff has rejected offers of $900.00 and $4,100.00 to resolve the matter and is seeking $54 million in damages.  One of the concerns is the plaintiff’s personal information.  I understand that it may be difficult to put a dollar number on identity theft, but $54 million?!  Is that the magic number now?

Why do I cringe?  I do not want my clients who are plaintiffs to have unreasonable expectations about their legal issues and I do not want my clients who are defendants to have heart attacks when they see a $54 million demand!

Okay, so sometimes it’s reasonable, but it better be a class action involving contaminated water and the plaintiffs’ attorney better be John Travolta!

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  1. David permalink
    February 19, 2008 4:43 pm

    The “Best Buy” lady has already received $1,110.35 in compensation plus a $500.00 gift card, and yet she still wants more money?

    Someone should clue her in that she is entitled to the fair market value of the missing laptop, not the cost of a brand-new one. If if the data on her computer was so valuable, why wasn’t it encrypted or stored off the laptop?

    I find it interesting that she hasn’t posted a copy of the complaint she filed on her web site.

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