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Keeping Fit in the Winter

February 15, 2008

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, and we’ve eaten our share of chocolates, we find ourselves with over a month left in the winter season.  With the cold weather, our respective workloads, and the promise of losing weight as a New Year’s resolution already forgotten, it is easy to ignore the importance of keeping fit.

It goes without saying, as my colleague pointed out recently, that we need to keep physically active in some sort of manner.  It doesn’t mean that we need to run three miles a day in the cold or chop firewood (although either step would be a great start).  You can join a gym or just buy some workout equipment, such as a step machine or stationary bicycle or treadmill.  For those who complain about lack of time, look to multitask.  For instance, to catch up on my favorite shows, I often get on the treadmill or step machine while watching a show that I have recorded on DVR and fast forwarding through commercials.  So instead of sitting down to watch a live show without much activity for an hour, I can actually go through an entire hour show with a workout in 40 minutes. 

There are definitely other ways to keep fit.  It doesn’t matter what you do, so long as you do something and don’t use the cold weather as an excuse to lose your fitness.

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