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Back to Work from a Working Vacation

January 11, 2008

A reminder of vacation (blackberry not pictured)

I recently returned from my annual vacation to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  During the past week, I had a chance to snowboard, which is pretty much my favorite activity, for several days in great conditions, ate great food in excellent restaurants and enjoyed the winter weather. 

Oh, and I also had my Blackberry and laptop computer going every day.  I checked e-mail a couple of times a day, responded to client inquiries, made calls to experts and even drafted several documents.  So in some ways, I never really left work. 

A lot of folks often chide me for never really going on vacation and leaving work behind.  My problem, which I believe is shared by many, is that I worry.  I worry about things falling apart when I’m gone.  I worry that I need to stay in touch to ensure that I don’t miss anything on my files.  Perhaps most pragmatically, I worry that the workload will pile up and be overwhelming when I come back unless I do some work daily. 

So the drawback, of course, is that I don’t fully “get away.”  I don’t really mind, though, as I think I would be in much worse state if I didn’t have work access while away and was nervous about what was going on.  It’s like being away from your cell phone for a day.

Regardless, for those of you who need the “Crackberry” even when sunning themselves beachside and for those who spend time in a hotel’s business center to print out work e-mails, I sympathize.  I for one think it’s perfectly rational.  But if someone sets up a support group for us, please keep me informed. 

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  1. January 11, 2008 8:44 pm

    I use my BB hooked up to our Exchange Server via a Hosted Exchange Mobile Service ( Frankly, I could not take a vacation without that support. It is a bit of a pest while on holiday – but its better than being stuck going several times a day to an internet cafe or dragging my laptop around.

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