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The Evolving Wishlist

December 13, 2007

Growing up as a child of the 1980s, like many others, I was into the current toy and gaming fads.   I think my holiday wishlist back then probably included the following:

– a Star Wars action figure or a Transformers toy

– a model airplane to build

– an Atari game console and games

Boy was I not happy when my favorite aunt would get me a sweater or shirt instead.

Then, of course, I finished up high school and reached college in the early 1990s during the “technology boom” so the wishlist was a little more mature:

– a radio/cassette player

– a portable compact disc player

– a cordless telephone

– a Nintendo gaming system and games

The sweaters and shirts would still come but I didn’t loathe them as much.  Those early portable compact disc players were also great – until they started skipping or scratching your cds. 

But invariably, we all grow older and, in our cases, reach the working world as lawyers.  Our needs as professionals are obviously different, but does that mean that we have to completely change and grow up?  Yes and no.  In fact, if I could get everything I wanted for me personally, the following would be my wishlist:

– credit card debt payoff

– law school loan payoff (a couple more years)

– a Nintendo Wii that I do not need to pay $700 for on Craigslist or eBay (hey, it helps you exercise too!) 

Oh, and a nice sweater would be a great present too. 

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  1. Abbie permalink
    December 14, 2007 3:40 am

    I agree! And in relation to your last post I add my wish that I’d actually like to take a vacation without anything work related coming up.

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