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Perpetually Swamped

November 20, 2007

One of the things I noticed about law school, and the legal profession in general, is how much stuff you have to do. Seriously, I can’t imagine a single moment since I got my acceptance letter where I did not have at least five things hanging over my head. I avoided any responsibility in the opening months of school. However, exam workshops, receptions, and study groups filled up my weekly agenda.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely signed up for this. To be honest, I like the fact that I have something new everyday. I like being able to clear off long lists of things I need to do. I also realize that I barely have scratched the surface.

Any lawyer I have ever seen, especially in a professional setting, is constantly connected. I definitely respect any professional who is able to keep track of so many dates and times. I can barely remember what time my exams are.

Another part about being lawyer is having the courage to change plans. I have witnessed countless negotiations with regard to court dates, meetings, and conferences. One of the toughest things for me right now is the ability to tell my internship supervisor that I have to come in late because I have a law review meeting or job interview. Perhaps the biggest shock is how accommodating people in the profession are. I have seen judges, partners, and opposing litigants go out of their way to ensure that everything fits everyone’s schedule. Such consideration helps strengthen that “We’re in this together” feeling.

I just need to work on my organization…

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