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Top Five Law School Moments Thus Far…

October 30, 2007

I’m sure my number one will be “graduating” or “getting a job.” However until either one of those glorious moments arrive, I will have to make do with the following:

5.) Learning to love coffee
-I pulled my fair share of all-nighters as an undergrad. However, at the campus coffee shop, I would adulterate my java with something more childish, like caramel cappuccino or hot chocolate. No matter how hard I tried, I could not handle the raw power of a dark-roasted cup of Joe. Then, I took Civil Procedure. Some time during my reading period, I first felt the caffeine kick. I was doing great for the next few hours. I never looked back.

4.) Beating the Socratic method
-This is more of a 1L phenomenon in my experience. You are taught to fear the Socratic method before school starts. I remember my first week of class where the person to my right was like a magnet for the professors. I sat on the edge of my seat with my case brief ready to go. By the end of the first year I was able to deal—usually because I did the reading.

3.) Watching professors shoot down the know-it-all
-Every class had one—that person who thought they were ready to be a lawyer. They probably worked for a firm in the summer, or they had a few political science classes in college. He or she let every one know at orientation how smart they were. Those first few introductory classes were murder. Luckily, once we got into the bulk of the important lessons, many of these students were humbled. Pointed questions were met with silence. The playing field leveled out, and the rest of the class was spared.

2.) Finishing exams
-When the three-hour ordeal ends, life goes back to normal. That black cloud that hangs over your head dissipates, and you think may actually be a lawyer. You sit down, have a drink, and slowly become a person again.

1.) Graduating
-You know what, I’ll keep this one here…

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