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A New Yorker in Philly

October 4, 2007

It’s a little lonely for me these days.  Not because I don’t have any friends, but rather because I don’t share their elation.

This past Sunday, the Philadelphia Phillies were able to overcome their poor start, mediocre starting pitching, injuries and everything else to improbably win the National League East Division for the first time since 1993.  And this city erupted with celebration like no other time in the past 20 years, save for perhaps the Philadelphia Eagles’ victory in the NFC Championship in 2005 that propelled the team to the Super Bowl.  The unbridled joy by all would be great except for one thing: I’m not a Phillies fan.  In fact, I’m a New York Mets fan.  Living in Philadelphia.

You see, I’m a transplant to Philadelphia from the New York area, where baseball is and always will be king.  In other cities like New York, Chicago or Washington, D.C., it’s perfectly common for lawyers to come from all over the country (with many different baseball rooting interests) to work there.  Philadelphia, though, is a little more insular, and the vast majority of lawyers grew up in and are from the region.  And come this past Sunday and all this week, the enthusiasm for the Phillies by most of my friends, including lawyer friends, was and has been overwhelming.

And so last Sunday transpired with my Mets hardly putting up a fight in the biggest game of the year while the Phils poured it on and won their game.  My friends up in New York say the mood was pretty bad up there, although I would say it’s worse for a Mets fan down here.  But I’ve almost gotten over the Mets’ collapse, well at least until a friend sent me this article.

Oh well, at least I have my New York Giants’ victory over the Eagles.  So I’ve got that going for me.  Which is nice.

-Submitted by John Encarnacion 

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