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Mandatory Attendance

October 1, 2007

Today’s Legal Intelligencer had an article about mandatory attendance at law schools.  In the article, David Hoffman, a professor at Temple, said that he follows the law school’s policy that any student who misses more than 20% of classes can’t sit for the final exam.  Hoffman also noted, “I, generally, feel the arguments for having a mandatory attendance policy are relatively weak and that law schools and law professors should be making their own decisions.”

I see both sides of the argument and I think it really depends on the class.  I can say that there wasn’t a correlation between my attendance and grades.  My worst grade in law school was in a class that I never missed.  I had decent grades in classes that I attended more sporadically — but within the 20% of course!

And I’m sure you are shocked that law students and attorneys are arguing about this all over the internet: Barely Legal; Glorfindel of Gondolin; Simple Justice

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