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Sanction for Plagiarism in Brief

September 10, 2007

Apparently it’s a problem to copy a law review article and not cite it in a brief. An Iowa Bankruptcy Court sanctioned an attorney and ordered him to complete a professional responsibility course at an accredited law school for copying seventeen pages of a nineteen page brief from a law review article.

The opinion seems a little over the top (and generated over the top lawyer comments as you will see by following the link) and the court was probably really angry, but what makes sense is their justification that the attorney’s “acts of plagiarism burden the Court, undercut his client’s cause, and generate criticism of the legal profession. Moreover, parroting a scholarly article in this way is not an effective type of advocacy” In re Burghoff (S.D. Iowa 2007).

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  1. sauer kraut permalink
    April 10, 2008 2:19 am

    ya’d think some lawyer dude would be smart enough to come up with his own words instead of plagiarizing someone else’s. ya’d think.

    but then, they don’t call ’em shysters for nothing.

    did his client get the feeds returned for the research and drafting of that brief? prolly not.

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