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That Damn Michael Hayes!

July 31, 2007

After attending two YLD meetings today, which included the Executive Committee meeting and a Law School outreach subcommittee meeting, I felt a little nostalgic on the train ride back to the burbs.  I began to ask myself simple questions at first, like how did I come to be so involved with the Philadelphia Bar?  I’m a rising third year student, yet I am entering my second full year of YLD and Barristers’ Association activity.  I guess for me it all started with a chance meeting.  I attended one of the many Philadelphia Bar events last summer and I got into a great and compelling conversation with Michael Hayes, the YLD Chair at the time.  The subjects ranged and the intensity of our passion rose rapidly as we began to discuss the current state of Philadelphia and the role of attorneys as advocates for the community.  I was very surprised to find that I had so much in common with a man whom upon first glance, I would suspect was a salesman and the father of six in a small rural town.  And that’s when it happened!  It!!!  You know, the moment when you get asked about increasing your involvement in the YLD and you have to decide…Do I have the time for this?  In short, of course not.  There’s always work or school, family activities, other Bar Association organizations, and the ever present CLE’s, which occupy our time.  Yet, how after this intriguing and thought provoking conversation, could I just look this man in the face and say, “Sorry, but I don’t have the time.”  Evidently, (because I’m writing this post and well…you’re reading it) I couldn’t.  I had lunch with Mike a couple of days later, and after careful consideration of my schedule and in light of my other responsibilities, I took the challenged and pursued it full-bore. 

So, why am I still involved you ask?  Why have I decided to sign up for another go round on the YLD rodeo?  Because of the people silly!  I’ve met so many genuinely nice people during my time with YLD, how could I not be involved.  From Jocelyn, to Brian, to Jeremy, to May-Mon, and Abbie, I mean the list just goes on and on.  Not mention the leadership of the organization.  I find that I really gravitate towards the Philadelphia Bar organizations because they have leaders that possess poise and focus necessary to handle their difficult work schedules and Bar demands unlike your typical law student.  Saying everything that I’ve said, I’d like for you to explain who and how you became involved with the YLD?  And don’t worry, I’ve got the time.  Thanks to that damn Mike Hayes, I’ll be around the YLD for a very long time…

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