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One of Those Weeks

July 30, 2007

Last week was “one of those weeks.”  Everything was messed up no matter what I did. 

I had to talk to the summer that I am responsible for TWICE about not just being herself.  Yeah, it was bad.  She showed up at 11am, then I overheard her talking on her cell phone about how she was soooo hungover because she got soooo wasted the night before and the next thing I heard was “Oh my god, Lindsey Lohan got another DUI last night.”  Um, yeah…if you are surfing the net for celebrity news, it’s probably not a good idea to broadcast it.  

Then I realized that the person responsible for my calendar wrote all of the upcoming due dates wrong, so I’ve been working like a maniac to catch up.


I know dealing with it gracefully is part of being an adult and we all occasionally have weeks like that, but I am never fully prepared for it.  These weeks are the funny real life stuff that they never prepare you for in school.  Maybe it was in the stars or something because apparently it was also the Worst Sports Week Ever.

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