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You’re not as “young” as you think…

July 10, 2007

Did you ever have that moment when you realized, “Wow, I’m old now…” I don’t mean old in the sense that your hair is graying and you have morning pains getting out of bed. (I mean this is the Young Lawyers Division blog after all).  I mean old in the sense that you have grown up problems and a more mature way of thinking.  My “I’m old moment” came today.  My little brother graduated from Central High School last month and in preparation for his Fall schedule he is taking a couple of college courses at Drexel.  It was at that moment when it set in that he is an adult now full functioning on his own in the world and I am but an older (sometimes nagging) sibling.  Me and my little brother always had a great relationship where he would come to me for advice.  But, now that he’ll be on campus around a bunch of carefree slackers and he’ll have the authority to just ignore my preachy cell phone calls, it kind of reminds me of my times in undergrad.  I remember that feeling of self-autonomy and freedom that you can’t really attain anymore.  It was as euphoric and exhilarating as any drug, yet now that I’m experiencing (temporarily) the 9-5 grind I realize that I am old and his adult life is just beginning. 


My feeling of aging is compounded by the fact that I will be a 3rd year law student in the Fall and will be seen as a “veteran” law student.  But I look at the prospect of being bombarded with questions about law professors and exams as my way of recapturing that same level of exuberance and excitement for the law as I had when I started as a 1st year.  I guess the best thing about feeling “old,” is that it’s fleeting as a 3rd year law student because after I take the bar and began practicing I’ll regain my status as a young pup when I become a 1st year associate.  Until then, I’m content with being a “wily veteran” of law school…

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