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Nerdy PBA Stuff

June 22, 2007

I just had the honor to attend the Pennsylvania Bar Association Annual House of Delegates meeting as the Philadelphia Zone 1 YLD chair.

The PBA House of Delegates meeting is really a sight to behold. Delegates from every zone in Pennsylvania congregate to decide not only issues pertinent to the association, such as bylaw amendments, etc., but also the determine which bills in the Pennsylvania House and Senate the PBA will support or oppose. The PBA even has its own Political Action Committee. I had no idea it was so political.

Philadelphia was very well represented. Some of the more interesting issues that were debated on the floor included:

whether the PBA should oppose county and state legislation that attempts to regulate immigration;

whether the PBA should support legislative efforts to add sexual orientation and gender identity or expression as a protected class;

whether the PBA should support efforts to restore Habeas Corpus for the detainees of Guantanamo Bay;

and whether hospitals that provide emergency care to women who have been raped must advise those patients regarding the option of emergency contraceptives, as well as to then provide those patients the option to be treated with such emergency contraceptives.

I felt like I was witnessing democracy in action. Amazingly, to me, at least, the votes were fairly contentious. Philadelphia was a veritable liberal island.

If anyone wants to know more information about getting involved in the PBA, I would be happy to do everything I can to help. At the very least, I hope to see more of you at PBA yld events.

It felt really good to have a voice on some issues that are very near and dear to many of our hearts.

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  1. June 22, 2007 7:29 pm

    I went to the PBA Minority Bar Committee meeting yesterday, which was packed. I was happy to see that more minority bar associations are working more closely together, communicating better, and getting more visible. And no, I don’t think the PBA stuff is nerdy. 😉

  2. jocelyn g permalink
    June 22, 2007 7:35 pm

    That is great!

    Phew–I’m glad you don’t think it is nerdy. And at least I spelled PBA correctly.

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