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LSAT Revisited

June 20, 2007

I believe that the LSAT was and continues to be an inaccurate predictor of success in law school and as an attorney.  Now that you have law school and a little bit of practice as an attorney under your belt, try the logical reasoning question below to see whether the lsat revisited is (a) easier, (b) harder, (c) the same, or (d) none of the above.  Answer will be provided, once you provide yours and your comments. 

1. Manager: Our new computer network, the purpose of which is to increase productivity, can be installed during the day, which would disrupt our employees’ work, or else at night, which would entail much higher installation charges. Since saving money is important, we should have the network installed during the day.

The manager’s argument assumes which one of the following? 

(A) The monetary value of the network equipment would not exceed the cost of having the equipment installed at night.

(B) The monetary value of any productivity lost during a daytime installation would be less than the difference between daytime and nighttime installation costs.

(C) A daytime installation would be completed by no larger a crew and would take the crew no more time than would a nighttime installation.

(D) Once the network has been installed, most of thecompany’s employees will be able to use itimmediately to increase their productivity.

(E) Most of the company’s employees would be able to work productively while a daytime installation is in progress.

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  1. jocelyn g permalink
    June 22, 2007 7:33 pm

    B? and I don’t remember enough to evaulate whether this was easier or more difficult.

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