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RE: Marital Bliss; Single and Ready to Mingle

June 9, 2007

           Is it just me or is it that in the world of attorneys, where everything is A-type and the like, that there is nothing worse than being in a “new” relationship?  I mean, as soon as I even meet a girl that I’m considering asking out, I’m already thinking of the drawbacks like how incompatible our schedules are, how she doesn’t understand the demands of the profession, law terminology or legalise, or how she has that damn mole over her lip that I just can’t stop looking at.  So as soon as I ask a girl for her number, I’m already thinking of ways of pulling a Billy Donovan and politely backing out of there and avoid a visit by her at 3:00 A.M. as she proceeds to smash out all of the windows in my car. (Ok, so maybe I’ve only had that experience…Lol. Just joking). 

           Anyway, after reading Abbie’s post, I thought to myself, what is the worst end of the spectrum?  Being in a relationship where both parties have become passive aggressive towards each other due to the all too known “familiarity boiling point,” which causes awkward fights or is it that awkward “Oh let’s get to know each other” phase where you are constantly trying to impress him or her to the point that you feel like you’re on American Idol and they’re Simon Cowell dying to drop the hammer on your dream of true love.  To me, I would say it’s the latter because that “familiarity boiling point” is well deserved and although you might feel like getting away for a while and going out with friends, you know that at the end of the night you’re going back to old faithful rather than that hottie who’s been talking you up in an attempt to lure a lawyer to their neck of the woods.  I guess even though I am the person who’s looking from the outside looking in and I too witness a lot of those, “are you kidding me” fights, I’d trade the single sensations for marital bliss any day.

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