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Get to know the Executive Committee Members

May 24, 2007

We are starting a new weekly blog segment: Get to know your Executive Committee Members.  The intention is to provide our membership with additional information about each individual member of the committee.  This is the first interview in the series:

 Scott Sigman, YLD Chair-Elect


 Where do you work, how long have you worked there and what areas of law do you practice? 

I joined Bochetto & Lentz in July 2005. I practice in the areas of complex commercial litigation, catastrophic injuries, election law, defamation, fraud, Civil RICO, and white-collar criminal defense.  I have been selected as a “Pennsylvania Rising Star Super Lawyer” by Philadelphia Magazine in 2005 & 2006 and as a “2006 Lawyer on the Fast Track” by The Legal Intelligencer.     

Do you have any past jobs that you would like us to know about? 

Prior to joining Bochetto & Lentz, I was an Assistant District Attorney with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office where I was assigned to the Narcotics Division since 1999, first as a Law Intern and then as a Prosecutor. I was specially assigned to criminally prosecute
Philadelphia ’s most serious drug offenders from pre-arrest to post-conviction, litigate the forfeiture of the offender’s real estate through a quasi-civil forfeiture hearing, and litigate civil actions against some of Philadelphia ’s worst nuisance bars.  I was also the Weed & Seed Prosecutor for North Philadelphia. 
I also prosecuted Pennsylvania’s very first Weapons of Mass Destruction case.

Did you go straight to law school from undergrad?  If not, what did you do in the interim?   

I spent 5 years in Washington, DC, 4 years in undergrad while working on Capital Hill for two US Congressman and  then with the RNCIn 1993, I served as an intern for United States Congressman Curt Weldon where I served on the Congressman’s Congressional Fire Services Institute and was responsible for monitoring various legislation, summarizing legislation and assisting in the drafting of the Congressman’s position papers.  In 1995, I served as an intern and special assistant for United States Congressman Jon D. Fox where I was responsible for receipt of initial constituent contact, routed information and mail, monitored various legislation, summarized legislation and assisted in the drafting of the Congressman’s position papers. In 1998, I served as an intern to the Republican National Committee where I provided support in the Press Office of the Communications Department, developed press releases, informational (“Get Out the Vote”) and campaign radio and television (GOP TV) announcements, and overall constituent education. 

How did you become involved with the YLD? 

When I was interning with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office in 1999, Assistant DA, now Court of Common Pleas Judge, Denis P. Cohen introduced me to Marla Joseph, Molly Peckman and Melissa Schwartz.  I started attending events as a law student, and the rest is history.  After joining the Executive Board, I eventually went on to serve on the Cabinet as Financial Secretary for one year and as Vice Chair for two years.  Now I am serving as Chair Elect and will become Chair in 2008.   

What are your favorite TV shows? 

Law & Order, CSI, Columbo , LA Law, and The Sopranos 

What are your favorite movies? 

Pulp Fiction, Resevior Dogs, True Romance, Goodfellas, Casino, A Bronx Tale, Ocean’s Eleven, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, No Way Out, Die Hard, Gotcha, Hunt for Red October, James Bond 007 (especially Thunderball & Goldfinger), Silence of the Lambs, Garden State, and Traffic.

What is your favorite book? 

All books written by Dr. Amos Perlmutter (especially FDR & Stalin) and of course a must read everyday: The Philadelphia Inquirer & The Philadelphia Daily News   

Have you ever lived abroad? 

Spent some time in Italy with my wife, Pamela (1 month was the longest in duration when I lived in a small village in Sicily).  Past trips were to visit friends in Sicily.  More recent trips were to visit family in Milano.    

Do you have any pets?

Yes, two dogs, Rocky (Basset Hound) and Browny (Daschund) 

Have you received any good advice that you’d like to pass on to our membership? 

Stay involved and stay committed.  Don’t let adversity get in your way. 

Is there a YLD event that you would like our readers to know more about? 

Law Week and especially our Lawyer for a Day Program – First Friday in May every year. Young lawyers volunteer by taking high school students with them to Court (various Judges have agreed to host the students) and then back to the Bar Association for a Noon lunch program with a key note speaker.  This year’s speakers were: President Judge Darnell Jones and his daughter, Fox 29 anchor, Sheinelle Jones, and Dr. Mike Cirigliano, MD, the Fox 29 Medical Correspondent and U Penn professor of Medicine.  Also part of Law Week is a special Naturalization Ceremony at the US Court House, a Law Fair at the Gallery with 2 hours of free legal advice by young lawyers, Jury Appreciation Day, My First Federal Jury Trial CLE, and Lawyer in the Classroom. 

Is there anything else that you’d like our readers to know about you, the Executive Committee or the YLD in general? 

The YLD offers a great service to the citizens of Philadelphia (young and more seasoned) through Law Week (school age), Mock Trial (high school), and People’s Law School (adults).

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