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Dont hurt my pet

May 14, 2007

I read this article on msnbc that talks about how animal advocacy groups want a law that will prevent lost pets and like to be used in lab experiments.  While I do feel for the sentiments of the owners who lose the pets, and ofcourse feel for the plight of the former pets themseleves, I am left bewildered by the goal of the law.  Are we saying that as long as they are not former pets we can sell them for animal experimentation? Or, worded differently, are we saying that if the animals were born for the purpose of animal experimentation it is ok to experiment with animals?

I do realize that animal experiments are valuable and even necessary, and I am neither arguing for nor against animal experimentation. However, what I am questioning is the value of a bill that states… dont hurt my pets, but its ok to hurt other animals.

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