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Philly GenNext

May 10, 2007

I am a new member to the YLD. Despite the name (“Young Lawyers Division”) I thought that the YLD is a place for “established” attorneys. Whenever I spoke to people from the YLD they were always able to rattle off some of their more impressive contacts and always seem to be on the ball. Personally, it made me feel…. different. This difference caused me not to participate in the YLD. Over the last few months, coaxed by one of the leaders of the YLD, I took the plunge and started participating.

My first adventure with the YLD is a “20/20” event that I am helping organize. We are calling it Philly GenNext. The goal: To hear the opinions, of people in the know, as to where we see Philly in the future. We have already decided on the who we would like on the panel, and while some of the names are being confirmed I wanted to hear from the blogging community as to where we see this city going, and if we are on the right path. If you dont know the answer, who would you want to ask, and importantly, what would you like to ask?

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