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May 4, 2007

Lately I have not been feeling my usual cheerful, upbeat self.  Indeed, I have been what my friends call a “bitterface”  “Bitterface” can be used in a variety of contexts:  for example, when we were taking the bar, we were “bitterbarface.”  If a friend wasn’t having much luck with a crush, she’d have “bitterboyface.”  Too much beer the night before–“bitterbeerface.” You get the picture.

So I have been a bitterface.  I’m going to call this one “bitterbenchface.”  I think I am at that point in my clerkship where I am starting to feel antsy–like I want to be back on the other side of the bench.  Oh–and did I mention I’m also becoming “bitterbrokeface”?

At the same time, I’m worried about going back to all the hours, pressure, etc.  And here’s a biggy—I’m also worried about where I am going next. 

It eats me up.  I already told you I got a rejection letter from a job I didn’t even apply for–which, while funny–gave me “bitterbuttofthejokeface.”

Well.  Lo and behold–my bitterface is lifted for the first time in months.  Goodness gracious!  I just found out I got a job interview.  What a way to end on a Friday!  My eyes got wet for a minute.

Now all I have to deal with this weekend is bitterbroadstreetraceface.   


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  1. Abbie permalink
    May 6, 2007 5:27 am

    Congratulations on the inteview! Isn’t it nice to be wanted?! Hopefully the strain on your bank account will all be a distant memory soon 🙂

    Good luck with the Broad Street Run.

  2. girlygirl34 permalink
    May 6, 2007 4:16 pm

    Good luck with your interview, Jocelyn. I’m sure you’ll be great. Let us know what happens.

  3. jocelyn g permalink
    May 7, 2007 2:59 pm

    Yous two are awesome! Thanks so much for the support. J.

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