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Speaking of Business Cards…

May 3, 2007

Two of my friends work for firms that recently “updated” their business card formats.  One traded up and the other traded down.  The associate who works for the second firm was not very happy about the change because she liked the old format.  

So what should a business card look like? I probably have a couple hundred cards at this point and they all look different.  Some cards are simple black and white and some cards are over the top — one includes a headshot apparently so that the recipient can easily recollect meeting this person (?), but it doesn’t really impress me and it would honestly be my worst nightmare to have my picture on my card. 

Here are a few things to remember when selecting business cards:

1. Ensure the typeface and font size are readable. 

2. If you add color to the card, make sure it’s not overbearing.

 3. Choose a good weight so the cards are not too flimsy.

4. Don’t add too much to the back of the card.  It’s good to allow the recipient room to make notes on the card.

Many of us don’t have any input as to what our cards look like.  But if you do, consider what you want to accomplish when you give someone your card.  In addition to providing your contact information, the ultimate goal is to increase business.   Questions to ask yourself are “would I hire me based on this card?” or better yet “would I run like hell if someone gave me this card?”  It’s ok to be creative, but make sure you aren’t scaring people away with your card.

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