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Tommy the Loan Shark Scuffle with Local Union Strong Arm

April 27, 2007

Tommy the loan Shark 

Did any of you read the Metro today?  Tommy the Loan Shark made the front page.   Jim Nixon, the brains behind the beauty, is a 24 year old grad student.  He is super nice.  I bumped into Jim outside of City Hall today.  He told me that Tommy the Loan Shark was about to have a press conference.  I stuck around to see what would unfold:

Jim Nixon and his good friend Tommy the Loan Shark held a press conference outside of City Hall today at 1:00  After restating a litany of Knox bad deeds, Nixon stated that members of the Local 98 had followed him to his home yesterday and physically threatened him.  Nixon alleged that Tom Knox was behind the strong arm tactics and that Knox would do the same in office. Things got very interesting with the arrival of Local 98 representative, Doc’s right hand man, Frank Keel.  Keel alleged that Nixon was merely a Brady minion and that Nixon received 1 million dollars for his Tommy the Loan Shark stunt.  Does this dispell any doubts of a Knox/Doc allegiance? 

Check out Josh’s coverage of the story at FightforRoom215

Philly politics in action.  This election is getting more interesting by the day. 

I think Jim Nixon is a great example of what one person can do to have an effect on the political process.  And what a powerful excercize of his right to free speech!

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  1. July 15, 2010 5:02 am

    ommy the Loan Shark made the front page?
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