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March 30, 2007

For those of you who cant go out and network, this is my chance to do it for you. Jocelyn and I met this really cool young lawyer, Kahiga Tiagha

Kahiga’s was an associate at a big firm in Philly, and is now a solo practitioner.  As an associate he worked on major projects such as Live 8- Philadelphia. I asked Kahiga why he left the glamorous world of big firm life to become a solo practitioner. My guesses: Money, power fame… (come on… something juicy or exciting.) His answer: Control!! Its more important to be “master of your domain.” He gets to choose projects he is excited and passionate about.

His newest projects: Wireless Philly, and being a part of the Nutter campaign. While Kahiga has mentioned that he feels that Philly needs a city wide internet service to enhance visibility and bring more people into the digital age, others disagree

Kahiga is a world traveller and has a global perspective on most issues. My personal favorite: He is working to raise awareness of the AIDS crisis in Africa. Having lived in Kenya, Cameroon and Ethiopia, this UN Brat (is that even a real word???!!) is now questioning the world’s disinterest as to the AIDS crisis in Africa.

Why do we spend all the time and effort reading about Britney Spears’ latest fashion faux pas, and feign passing interest in the current death toll in Africa? Not interesting enough? Or is it that we just cant identify? I am not trying to be your conscience, but I do think that we should care more about the important stuff.

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