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Citizen Journalists

March 23, 2007

Dear readers, we are riding the waves of change.  The internet is transforming American politics– both national and local.  Blogs in particular have given the American public a new forum–a new way to gather information and to voice opinion.  

Where the journalism of mainstream media is “objective,” politically correct and middle of the road, bloggers are stepping in to fill the void.   Bloggers cover stories like the journalists of ages past, where many reporters made no pretense of political neutrality. 

Bloggers are not relegated to the back seat.  No–they are gaining recognition as a viable force in journalism.  Indeed, the perjury trial of Lewis Libby marks the first federal case for which independent bloggers have gained official access as journalists.

Bloggers are unique because they can raise awareness of a story that would otherwise go unheard.

The recent scandal surrounding the firing of the U.S. Attorneys was flying below the radar of the mainstream media.  The story caught fire in the blogs, which then forced the MSM to take notice.  Not only is it front page news, but Congress is holding hearings on it.  All because of blog coverage.

And do not forget Philly’s own success story:  The folks at Young Philly Politics succeeded in forcing Councilman Jim Kenny to retract his bill that would have repealed the campaign contribution limits in the middle of an election.

The point is that we have a voice.  We can no longer sit back and bemoan the unfairness and futility of it all.  We can make a difference.  We can change the world.  We have seen it happen. 

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